The Location

Ledge Haven Farm


Photo: Orah Moore

Ledge Haven Farm is located near the shores of Lake Champlain in Vermont down the road from historic Mt. Independence.
Mike and Tom Audet were born and raised on the "home" farm just three miles away from Ledge Haven Farm. It was Grandpa Ferland who first taught the boys the art of sugaring in the early 70's. Since then, the sugarhouse has tripled in size. Improvements have been made over the years, allowing for larger evaporators, gas finishing pans, and a reverse osmosis machine.
For over 30 years, we've been making Ledge Haven Farm Pure Vermont Maple Syrup right here on our farm. It is an Audet family effort with three generations pitching in. Our maple syrup is produced in a traditional manner using sap buckets and a wood fired evaporator. Our sugar house is a local gathering spot when we are boiling...feel free to drop in for a sample of hot maple syrup!

Mount Independence


During that historic summer, 12,000 soldiers built a massive fort to defend against an anticipated British attack from the north.

The very sight of the combined fortresses at Mount Independence and Ticonderoga caused the British to retreat back to Canada later that fall, giving the Americans a crucial year to prepare for invasion.

Many American troops and staff went home that winter, reducing the force just 2,500. Those remaining were sickly and a number froze to death.

By spring of 1777 new troops arrived but not enough to properly garrison the forts. On July 5th they evacuated the site when British General John Burgoyne’s forces overwhelmed the area.

British and German forces remained at Mount Independence until November when they burned and destroyed the site after learning of Burgoyne’s surrender at Saratoga.

Today, several trails at Mount Independence connect well-preserved remains of the Revolutionary War fortification. The trails pass through nearly three hundred acres of pasture and woodlands with spectacular vistas overlooking Lake Champlain and the surrounding countryside. Some of the trails are wheelchair accessible.

Exhibits in the Visitors Center Museum tell the story of military life on Mount Independence and feature many of the artifacts recovered during recent archaeological investigations.

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